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A clean and simple way to read Pinboard articles later.

Change Log — November 19, 2013

Thank you for using Paperback and all the kind things you’ve had to say since launch. This is the first time I’ve pushed any new features since launch six weeks ago because I wanted to pull back and watch how people were using it and then get my hands back into development with fresh eyes.


  • Added autocomplete of tags in Archive modal, as per requests
  • Added article of title to <title> so you can more easily recognize what you’re reading and find in tabs


  • Improved behavior of Archive modal on iPhone, especially with those pesky toolbars that hide in iOS 7
  • Improved some layout issues in iPhone-sized Article views
  • Fixed text selection bug with Mobile Safari on iOS 7 where selected text wouldn’t be added to the Notes section in the Archive modal until tapping Archive a couple times.

Other Good News

The subscriptions from paying customers so far means that server costs should be covered for the growth and architecture changes that I’m expecting for the first year which means I don’t have to worry about how to pay my bills and can focus on building a service that you can use every day.

As always, email me with any support needs, concerns, or questions.